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A Tiny Art Project


Hey there everyone – Today I have a tiny art project with instructions to share with you. So get your supplies out and get ready to create!!


Supplies needed:

3 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ black heavy duty card stock

2″ x 3″white heavy duty card stock

black .005 micron pen

watercolor pencils ( your choice or I used yellow, dark yellow, blue and Prussian blue, pink and dark pink, light blue, green)

Self stick clear crystals

# 2 or #3 watercolor brush

#2 pencil

Tacky Glue


Begin by drawing or transferring the flower petals and outline onto the white card stock surface with the pattern below using a pencil.


Once the lines are all in, apply yellow to the petals of center flower and add a touch of dark yellow at the pointed end of the petals; apply blue to the petals of the flower on the left and Prussian blue to the pointed sections. Apply pink to the petals of the flower on the right and add dark pink to the pointed areas of the petals.

Moisten the paint brush with water, blot the excess water onto a paper towel and begin pulling the pink color down into the dark pink color of each of those petals. Too much water in the brush makes puddles so be sure to blot the brush if there’s too much water in it. The pointed ends of each petal should be darker than the rest of the petals. Move on to the yellow flower, rinse the brush so it’s clean, then blot any excess water from it. Start at the wide end of the yellow petals and pull the color toward the point. Do the same technique for the blue flower petals making sure to begin with a clean, moist, blotted brush.

While the petals dry, move on to the stems and leaves. Apply green to the stems and leaves and moisten the color with a clean, wet brush. Again, make sure to blot the brush before applying it to the color. Let this dry. (It doesn’t take long).

Once the petals are dry, use the Micron pen to draw an outline around each flower leaving a white space between the color and the ink line. (see the pattern). Gently add light blue for the sky and wet it with the brush to create a blue sky (refer to the colored picture above), making sure to avoid getting blue on the white area surrounding the flower petals. Apply green about 1/2″ from the bottom of the drawing moving in an upward direction. Wet this with a clean, moist brush to create grass. Let the entire painting dry. Add the details shown below using the Micron pen.


Spray with varnish to add a fine shine to the painting. Let the varnish dry thoroughly before gluing the painting onto the black background. After the surface is dry, turn it over and apply tacky glue to the inner edges of the white paper. Hold the paper carefully by the corners when turning it over, center the painting on the black background and press firmly in place. Should the black paper need trimming, wait until the glue has dried before doing so to avoid the possibility of the white paper moving. Place the crystals in the center of each flower.

There you have it, your very own Tiny Art treasure! ENJOY!!