Zentangle Helps


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak with a young woman who recently entered the Zentangle world. She had been in search of something to calm her mind, help her focus, yet be creative. Her aunt mentioned my books and handed one to her to spark her interest. Not sure this would be her cup of tea, the young woman opened the book and was immediately taken with the idea of tangling. Her work is stunning, and I wish I had a picture to share with you. She’s been tangling for such a brief span of time, but this art form has taken hold, left her calmer, more focused, and has eased her mind. What more could I ask for?

Not often do I have a chance to personally chat with people who have taken up Zentangle, to hear the reasons they’ve done so, or to hear the benefits they have gotten from it. I came away from our brief encounter with the knowledge that what I do, and what Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas have done, has impacted the life of someone who sought an art form that would lighten their load. I was so inspired by this woman’s story, that I came home, pulled out my own tangling supplies and got busy.

While I’m unable to share her work, I can show you how tangling works for me. I also hope it works for you. Until next time, tangle away, it’s good for the soul!





About jeannemarie67

An artist and author for many years, I am delighted to have studied at Rhode Island School of Design, New England Institute of Technology and also with Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas, the creators of Zentangle. I reside in the western Rhode Island countryside with my husband and two crazy cats.

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